“Having Holly as our wedding planner created the backbone to our entire wedding. I was naive to the whole process but Holly guided me through with so much ease and simplicity. I felt completely at peace and taken care of throughout the whole engagement season as we designed each aspect of the wedding. She was able to elegantly multitask and delegate with authority while keeping such a calm disposition that truly set the tone for all the events. Our wedding was beautiful, sophisticated and seamless in flow. It could not have been planned or executed better, the day was perfect! Thank you forever Holly!”

Lindsay Mason – Bride
Santa Ynez, CA

“I’m a very organized person with a type A personality who is use to planning my own events. My wedding was no different. I thought, “Why do I need a planner?” However as time passed, I was starting to get anxious about how my wedding was going to flow without me. I didn’t want to be in charge and running around making sure everything is as it should be on my wedding day – I wanted to be able to relax and enjoy the day. My husband and I decided to work with Holly, and it was definitely one of the best decisions we could have made on our big day. She was all ears leading up to the wedding, and made everything fall perfectly into place the day of. My outdoor wedding had to be moved completely inside the day of because of rain, and if it wasn’t for Holly, I’m not sure what would have happened. Everyone raved about how calm, collected, and determined she was. She was able to make things happen amongst the chaos and calm people down despite how stressed they were feeling. I was oblivious to the disorder thanks to Holly. My wedding would have not run so smoothly and been so memorable if it wasn’t for her, and for that, I’m beyond thankful.”

Michelle Ahlswede – Bride
San Diego, CA

“Holly coordinated our wedding reception and ceremony and we couldn’t be more happy with how she pulled it all together! From ordering and arranging our flowers, to ordering and creating a delicious dinner display, to managing our DJ and making sure our reception had the right timing – she did it ALL! Initially I thought I’d have time to do everything by myself, but I quickly learned I needed a professional coordinator. She stayed within our budget and had great ideas to save money while not skimping on making it beautiful. In addition to Holly’s excellent organizing and managing skills, she’s a delight to work with! She was always available to talk about our vision for our wedding day. Holly’s attention to detail, cheery personality, and enthusiasm helped us stay relaxed in what could have been a very stressful time. Our wedding day was perfect and without a glitch! Having Holly coordinate our big day was the best decision – we are so appreciative of her work and recommend her to all our friends. I’m not sure what we would have done without Holly!!”

Nate & Kristen Harmony – Bride & Groom
Santa Barbara, CA

“Holly was a tremendous help when my daughters got married. They were
married four years apart and we were so thankful Holly was available
and willing to be the wedding planner for both. As a mother of the
bride, you want your daughter’s day to be perfect. There are a million
details to think about. It was a comfort to know Holly was there to
worry about the details so I could enjoy the day celebrating my
daughter’s wedding. Without a doubt, I would use her services again
when my youngest daughter gets engaged.”

Laurie – Mother of the Bride (Kristen Harmony)

“As a couple just beginning the wedding planning process, we needed someone who had not only the experience with the unknown details, but solutions for them without taking over. Holly did a great job working with us, taking control of the parts we didn’t want to deal with and letting us create our wonderful wedding day. Her ever-present support was crucial all the way until the reception was finished. Holly does an amazing job of getting to know the engaged couple and offering a variety of options to making the wedding day just right. We never felt pressure to do anything her way or make a decision too quickly or too slowly. We could trust Holly to think of all the things we either forgot about or never knew. She was our wedding coordinator champion through the whole process! Holly does a great job with the big vision and the small details, which is crucial in a planner. Her style and tone was just right throughout the whole process. If you’ve ever been a part of a wedding, you know that the wedding coordinator’s role is so key not just leading up to that day, but especially the weekend of the actual wedding. All of our wedding party and close family had nothing but great things to say about Holly’s work and influence during our big day. She was organized, supportive and always struck the right balance between taking control and letting us lead the way!”

Sean & Paige Whiting – Bride & Groom
Santa Barbara, CA

“My husband and I had a short engagement and when I first started thinking about plans I was overwhelmed with feelings of impossibility. After my first meeting with Holly I immediately felt confident and excited about being able to achieve my vision for the wedding in the timely and costly manner that I was hoping for. Holly made the entire process up until we were off to our honeymoon as smooth and perfect as your wedding day should be! I would hands down recommend that everyone has a wedding planner for their special day and Holly is by far the best there is!!!”

Haley Davis – Bride
Santa Barbara, CA

“Working with Holly was such a joy! Her supportive and perceptive nature enabled us to feel truly know and understood. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable of the order and timing involved in the planning process, she is also organized, detail-oriented, available, and thorough. Holly thoughtfully created a balance between providing support and relief for my husband and I, by eagerly taking the reigns on overwhelming details, while still allowing us the space and freedom to create a day that truly reflected us. Holly single-handedly created a noticeable harmony among all of the wedding day vendors. Her calm, gentle, and sincere demeanor was comforting and refreshing to all those involved. Our family and friends could not stop singing her praises! Holly didn’t miss a single detail, down to making sure to pack the nervous/distracted bride and groom, who barely touched their food, a box of food and cupcakes to go. We could not have been better taken care of for our big day! All that said, we are most thankful to and appreciative of Holly for the grace her presence provided us in both allowing and encouraging us to remain focused on preparing for our life-long marriage, rather than getting utterly lost in the mess of wedding day details. Holly is such a blessing!”

Lauren Thiede – Bride
Chico, CA

What Brides are Saying

"Working with Holly was such a joy! Her supportive and perceptive nature enabled us to feel truly know and understood. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable of the order and timing involved in the planning process, she is also organized, detail-oriented, available, and thorough."
Lauren Thiede – Bride


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